DREADful? I think not!!
10:31 AM | Author: Hyla

Yesterday was the much anticipated Dread Day! My time with the Dread Goddess at Akemi Salon was magical and went by so fast. So now, I'm an official Dread Head. : ) As I mentioned in a previous post, Akemi is an all vegan salon. Its super quirky with lovely, beautiful, divine people. Stephanie made me feel so welcomed and I'm honored that she helped this dream become reality. The dreads are crazy, wild and SEXY and it's only day two!
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On May 23, 2011 at 2:19 PM , Kari said...

i googled dreads and akemi salon and came to your blog! are you still a dready? good ? bad? ugly? I've got my appointment on Thursday! Can't wait...but would like to hear some of your thoughts.